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TPOM offers programming for the incarcerated (i.e., adults and juveniles), those leaving incarceration, and children of the incarcerated. We are holistic, addressing the spiritual, emotional, social, and economic needs of those impacted by incarceration.
In-Prison Services
With over 40,000 in prisons and jails in Tennessee, this ministry is committed to providing spiritual and educational programming for the incarcerated. Presently, we have volunteers in many state prisons, local juvenile facilities, and county jails.
Worship: We offer Sunday worship services at numerous correctional facilities in Tennessee.
NewLife Behavior Classes:  We are teaching faith-based, life-skill classes addressing issues like parenting, anger management, and substance abuse.
Mentoring/Take One: Our volunteers provide mentoring for the incarcerated. We are also participating in the Take One Initiative with the TN Department of Corrections. We provide basic and advanced mentor training at TPOM.
Training: The ministry provides in person training at our Nashville facility and virtual training for those residing outside the Middle Tennessee area.  
Re-Entry Services
We provide re-entry services for any returning citizen within one year of release from incarceration. We are near a major bus line and provide bus passes as needed to participants. (Our reentry center is located at 136 Rains Ave. Nashville, TN 37203) and transitional homes are next door.
Men's Transitional HomeThe men's duplex is able to accommodate 16 men leaving incarceration. Go to this Transitional Link for pictures of the home and information. We are approved by the Tennessee Department of Corrections. Contact us by phone at 615-870-1126 or by email at office@tnprisonministry.org for an application.
Women's Transitional Home: The new women's facility is now open and able to receive women leaving incarceration. Go to the Transitional Link for pictures of the home and information. We are approved by the Tennessee Department of Corrections. Contact us at office@tnprisonministry.org for an application or call at 615-870-1126 for more information and how to apply.
Career, Educational and Vocational Training: Our re-entry center has job readiness, faith-based and vocational courses available for participants post-release. We have an excellent track record in helping the returning citizen prepare for meaningful employment.  
Job Placement: With contacts of over 300 employers, we are able to successfully assist over 90% of participants in securing a job within ten days of entering our program. Our average starting salary is $15.50 per hour. For additional information about employment opportunities, go to www.JobsForFelonsHub.com.
Licensed Mental Health Services: TPOM is a licensed outpatient mental health facility. We provide assessments, individual, group, and family counseling for the returning citizen and their family at no cost.
Case Management: We provide support services for all participants in our program. We help with obtaining identification, driver's license, insurance, and housing upon graduation. 
Mentoring: This 1x1 relationship allows our mentees to spend at least one hour per week with one our volunteers to help reunite with God, family, and community. Mentor training (in person and virtual) for our volunteers is provided.
Weekly Community Gathering: We are striving to build a Christian community through weekly worship each Sunday at the reentry center. Meal at 4:15pm, Worship at 5pm. Transportation provided. Churches are needed to help provide meals. The meal and worship time is open to all.
AA/NA Meeting: At the re-entry center, we have an AA/NA meeting every Monday night at 6pm. The meeting is open to all.
 Youth Services
Over 50% of the incarcerated have children under the age of 18 and the majority of the children live in poverty. Parental incarceration often results in generational incarceration. To break this cycle, we offer programs for juveniles who themselves are incarcerated and children with a parent behind bars. 
Juvenile Facilities: We provide classes, mentoring, educational assistance, and worship services at numerous juvenile facilities.
Summer Camp: We have an annual summer camp (Camp COPE) that begins the 3rd Sunday in June for children of the incarcerated at Whispering Pines Campground near Gallatin, TN. Activities include spiritual classes, swimming, canoeing, group games, and lots of fun. Campers between the ages of 8-17 can attend. Full scholarships are available if a parent is incarcerated. For an application, contact us by email at office@tnprisonministry.org or call at 615-870-1126. Here is a video of CAMP C.O.P.E.
School Supplies: At the beginning of each school year, we provide backpacks and school supplies for the youth in our program.
Making Memories with Moms: We have an annual Christmas party in the local jail for mothers and their children and give away Christmas presents.
Christmas Shopping: We collect Christmas gifts for the children and allow parents/guardians one day to shop for the children at our Re-Entry Center.
Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry (TPOM)
136 Rains Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
Office: (615) 870–1126
Fax: (615) 865–6248
Email: office@tnprisonministry.org