Resident Spotlight: Brian Noble

Tell us how you came to TPOM?

I was looking and researching transition programs and I knew a couple of previous graduates of TPOM who had done well while they were here. After I applied, Randy Halstead came and interviewed me and I was approved.

What concerns did you have when you first arrived?

I just wondered how I could get back on my feet. Would an employer accept me with a felony record? How would I be able to get a vehicle? When would I be able to get my own place to live?

How has the program been helpful to you?

The people at TPOM have been helpful all along the way. They got me a bus pass when I first arrived. Later, they  helped me get a driver’s license and even provided the vehicle for my road test. Fred helped me get temporary work very quickly. David was a big help. The tech class is very helpful for someone who has been locked up a while with so many things that have changed. 

Tell us about your work experience?

I started at a company that does on-site environmental work. There were a lot of complicated gauges and hoses to learn to manage. After I had mastered the job in about four days, the supervisor told me that it takes most people about two months to learn  everything. They were ready to hire me, but the higher-ups decided they would not hire me (even though I had been up-front about my record).

Fred then got me to Lee  company where I am working now. I prepare items that I  used on construction sites. I solder copper tubing as I follow blueprints and sometimes work to mount fittings on cast iron pipes. I have been anxious to move up and my supervisor tells me to be patient, that I’m producing more than other guys with good quality, and that I’m going to be a lead guy, just under a foreman. So I’m going to be patient and see how far I can go here.

What plans do you have for the future?

I was able to purchase a donated car through TPOM, so I have a vehicle with no payments. My next goal is to find a house. 

Do you have advice for others preparing for reentry?

If you want to stay out of prison, this is the place to start. The program is just four months and there are just a few rules. It’s how you take it; it’s all up to you. It is a time to keep your head up and get on with life. 

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