Successful Second Chances

TPOM is here to walk with you during your transition from incarceration to independence. Many of our graduates have reunited with their families and successfully maintained meaningful employment and sobriety. We hope their stories give you hope and inspiration.

Graduate Spotlight: Eric Matthews

Eric is a recent graduate of TPOM Transitional and now serving as a House Shepherd. Eric reflects on his work and his goals for the future.

Resident Spotlight: Abby

Abby is a resident in our Women's Transitional program. She is nearing graduation and is serving as our Senior Resident. Abby will be trained to assume the role of House Shepherd. Abby describes her new life with God's help.

Graduate Spotlight: Jonathan Laine

Jonathan shares a story of his spiritual journey and how his grandfather shaped his life.

Resident Spotlight: Bianca Taylor

Bianca' shares about her struggles in prison and her determination to have a better life for herself and her children.

Graduate Spotlight: Phlenia Kiggins

Phlenia shares her advice for others in the reentry process and how she overcame her own depression and doubts.

Resident Spotlight: Brian Noble

Brian's story is an inspiring example for many returning citizens who are forced to start from scratch. Brian shares how he was able to get a job, housing, and a car despite a felony conviction.

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